On My Way To The Grammy Awards In NYC

It’s been almost a year since I wrote a blog. Last year I said I was going to blog regularly, but I didn’t. It was a year of independence and private growth. This year I’m making no promises about blogging or anything else……I’m just living in the moment doing whatever I want, when I want. Feels pretty good so far!!!

First stop, The Grammy’s in NYC. I have been 6402B0AD-FD73-4B83-8D27-F70080B25962invited every year for the last decade and I am finally on a plane headed to NYC to see the 60th
Annual Celebration and I have gotten wind that U2 and Elton John are performing. My heart is full😊.

I was invited to attend a party this evening for people that are making music to spread peace on earth….. Not sure what the rest of the weekend holds but this is a great start.

On the plane in first class💫

On the plane in first class….fun way to start!!!

Thankful to be enjoying another year around the sun with a first stop in NYC.

Sending you a hug and a ton of love!!!


Thank you Jay and Kelly for an incredible wine experience.

Portland Perfection

The last time I was a single woman was in 1988. The world has changed in major ways since then. I have not started dating yet because I have been focusing on my health, spirit, career, and the ability to confidently stand alone, and to take care of myself, allowing the Universe to be my best friend and companion. It has worked. I feel like I am now seriously ready to Rock-n-Roll!!!

I have always wanted to perform and sell my art in the northwest, so I planned a scouting trip. I just left Portland, Oregon after a for day visit for my music, art, and soul!!! I might have a new retail outlet for my jewelry and art. Will let you know about that shortly.

IMG_8605I stayed in Portland with Rachel, one of my oldest, dearest, and most favorite friends in the world. She plays guitar too, so we spent a grand time jamming and singing. She has been like a sister to me since I was seven years old. We went many years with out seeing each other, but she is an angel on earth now as much as she was when I was a little girl. She lives very close to the Alberta Arts District so I spent a lot of time wandering around there. I was blown away by a gummy bear portrait of Obama, enjoyed an hour and forty minute yoga class at “I Am Yoga”, and just had a great time window shopping.

Saturday was just magical. We toured the J.Christopher Winery. Jay Somers who owns the winery is also an AMAZING Songwriter. I was given

Entrance to the incredible J.Christopher Winery

Entrance to the incredible J.Christopher Winery.

the honor to sing one of his songs called “Rain” for a charity album. “Rain” is a jazz song. Click hear if you would like to hear. I had never sang jazz, so this was a super cool experience for me. If you know me, you know I have enough energy to provide electricity for an entire town. I have to exercise everyday just to keep from combusting. Anyways, this song was REALLY REALLY SLOoooowwwwww. I contemplated taking a sedative to try and get in the groove because it is SO chill, and I am SO hyper, but the charity the song was being produced for is to help recovering addicts, so I knew the Universe expected me to find my center, and naturally get in the groove. It WORKED and it is one of my proudest vocal accomplishments. Hopefully Jay and I will work together again soon on the music. Until then I will be savoring his incredible wine.

The Vinyard was SPECTACULAR and BREATHTAKING. Jay the owner and Kelly the general manager

My favorite Pinot Noir called "Nuages."

My favorite Pinot Noir called “Nuages.”

graced us with the most incredible palate my taste buds have ever experienced in a wine situation. My favorite red wine was a Pinot Noir called “Nuages,” The word Nuages means clouds in French, and I am not kidding you, with one little sip my head was dancing with the clouds. My favorite Chardonnay was called “Cuvee Lunatique.” If you collect exquisite boutique wines from America’s Northwestern coast then you will want to order from J. Christopher Winery at

Thank you Jay and Kelly for an incredible wine experience.

Thank you Jay and Kelly for an incredible wine experience.

Portland was perfection. I was sad to leave. On Sunday night I travelled alone to Seattle on the Calabas train for more music and art. I have wanted to visit Seattle my whole life. I will blog about this leg of the trip soon!!! Signing off for now. Sending you a ton of love!!!