Month: January 2018

On My Way To The Grammy Awards In NYC

It’s been almost a year since I wrote a blog. Last year I said I was going to blog regularly, but I didn’t. It was a year of independence and private growth. This year I’m making no promises about blogging or anything else……I’m just living in the moment doing whatever I want, when I want. Feels pretty good so far!!!

First stop, The Grammy’s in NYC. I have been 6402B0AD-FD73-4B83-8D27-F70080B25962invited every year for the last decade and I am finally on a plane headed to NYC to see the 60th
Annual Celebration and I have gotten wind that U2 and Elton John are performing. My heart is full😊.

I was invited to attend a party this evening for people that are making music to spread peace on earth….. Not sure what the rest of the weekend holds but this is a great start.

On the plane in first class💫

On the plane in first class….fun way to start!!!

Thankful to be enjoying another year around the sun with a first stop in NYC.

Sending you a hug and a ton of love!!!