Month: June 2015

Elizabeth's amazing photography. with

Santa Fe….Day 4,5,6

We left White sands and travelled to Santa Fe to visit a dear friend I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. I was excited, but at the last minute I got REAL nervous!!! The highway between White Sands and Santa Fe is a completely different topography than Texas.  Also, the speed limit is much lower in New Mexico.

On a back road heading to Sant

On a back road heading to Santa Fe!!!

New Mexico is the most calming place. I believe it might be the altitude, but it definitely creates a hallucinogenic feeling!!! In Texas the speed limit was 80 and we went almost 90. In New Mexico, the speed limit is 55 on the back roads we travelled. You REALLY go 55 because ALL the people with a NM license plate go 45, so you just know if you top that, your a idiot!!!


Pistachio Farm

Interestingly enough, we came upon a pistachio and nut farm. We stopped and bought gifts and it was great fun. At one nut farm they had 20 different flavors of pistachios to try. My favorite was green chili!!! I love spicy and hot. Isabella loved the sweet and spicy brittle. It was amazing to see all the flavors they created.

We got back in the car and as I drove, it felt as if the PERFECT setting was painted and was a moving scenery on a movie set with our car being a prop sitting still. I seriously kept feeling like I was hallucinating. After spending a day driving 90mph on a straight road the prior day, my mind was just confused going 45mph. It seriously felt like the car was not moving.


Picture by Elizabeth DeCicco of her beautiful porch. Her website is with

We finally arrived at my friends house!!! It was amazing!!! The home is
hidden by a secret fence!!! They have two dogs, three cats and 7 fish. One of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever visited.

After a wonderful night’s sleep, I awakened and walked to town. I passed a gallery with the doors open and walked in. It was the gallery of Angel Wynn. All over her walls where photographs of ghosts. It tripped me out. I have been working on recording a song about angels, so I it made me smile that the first gallery I visited was an Angel!!!  :-) You can check out her work here. Check out her work


Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs

Picture Elizabeth took at Ojo Caliente. www.elizabeth

Picture Elizabeth took at Ojo Caliente. with

I returned back to the house, and my friend Elizabeth whisked us away
to the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs. We spent the day soaking in a mud bath and arsenic, iron, soda, and mineral waters. This was such a gift beyond words.

On our way home, Elizabeth slammed on the breaks and pulled over on the side of the road.  She said “Check out this photo op.”  She is an AMAZING photographer.  Low and behold  we walked around the side of the building she had seen from the road and it had Raphael’s “Two Putti’ reconstructed on it!!!

Elizabeth's amazing photography. with

Elizabeth’s amazing photography. with

I have been painting angels that go with the song I am recording called “A Part Of Everything” and Raphael’s angel’s have been of great inspiration to me, so this gave me serious goose bumps!!!

We then returned home to an unbelievable dinner Elizabeth prepared. After dinner we all walked into town to The Plaza. Santa Fe is soooooooo beautiful!!! You can REALLY see the stars at night too!!! As I go to sleep tonight I am thankful for stars, angels, and friendships that surpass time!!!


Margaret Bourke-White Exhibit at The Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe.

The second day, we relaxed and then walked into town. The weather was amazing. It was about 100 degrees but felt cool. I love the dry air. In town we came upon an incredible show of the works by Margaret Bourke-White at a beautiful gallery called the Monroe Gallery. I was so intrigued. She was the first female photographer for Time magazine. Her photos were from the 20’s and 30’s!!! They told stories in a way that I hope my songs and oil paintings tell stories. If photos could be proliphic, her’s would be equal to our most prolific writers in history. My favorite was a school room full of kids. The gallery also had pictures of Ghandi and his family. I recently wrote a song where I speak of Ghandi. “BE the change you wish to see in the world” really speaks to me and challenges me daily!!!


After living near Los Almos for so long sometimes massive numbers of hands morph out of her fingers at completely inappropriate times.

We visited local shops and then The Plaza, and met tons of Native American Indians selling their hand-crafted pieces of art. I fell in love with ALL of it, but I was budget-behaved. I did get my daughter a gorgeous little necklace and it looks so beautiful on her!!!

As we walked home, the Catholic Church was having a giant processional. I took video and then we walked along the river and through the woods back to the secret hideaway.

IMG_2878 2

Midnight labyrinth walk at Cathedral Bascilica of Saint Francis Of Assisi.

Elizabeth made steamed muscles, artichokes, and bread. Not sure I have ever tasted anything so good in my life!!! We then went for another midnight stroll back into town and we walked the labyrinth at Cathedral Bascilica of Saint Francis Of Assisi.

Ready for another great night of sleep and then up early to drive to the Grand Canyon!!! As you can tell, the miracle book is working!!! I am finding myself surrounded by such beauty, goodness, and unexpected incredible surprises!!! Just feeling so darn thankful!!!

Another pic with the angels. with

Another pic with the angels. with


San Antonio and Beyond…….Day 2 and 3.


Scary storms in Houston

Our next stop was San Antonio. The eight our drive was really nice except for the flash flood warnings and TROPICAL storm we barreled through!!!  Soooooooo SCARY!!!

We finally arrived, went to the gym, and then hit the sack. Around midnight I got a call from the front desk asking me to come to the lobby. I almost went but I then called the front desk and they were confused. CREEPY!!! Regardless, we got a great nights sleep once we fell a sleep!!!


I LOVE Paris Hatters


Iz and I with our new hats and boots










We woke up early to see the Alamo, the boot, and visit Paris Hatters Hatters. Unfortunately the storm we barreled through the day before was hovering over us. We had to hit the road by 10:30 to get to White Sands Monument Park to see the sunset, so we ended up having to miss seeing the boot. We took a photo from the car at the Alamo because their was no parking, but we did go to Paris Hatters and they ARE truly AWESOME!!! The owner picked out my hat and I love it so much. My daughter got a hat too, and we both got boots and jumped in the car and took off for the sunset.

I am looking forward to returning to San Antonio. I really liked it there. It was a nine and a half hour drive to the next destination!!! I-10 West is the longest road I have ever driven. The speed limit is 80….so of course you go close to 90. The air conditioner kept failing because it was 105 degrees. We had to roll down the windows and sun roof. By the fifth hour I got a lil figity, but then I saw a caution sign for rough roads. I was stumped about what that meant until all the sudden my 90 mile per hour started popping all over the road like popcorn. SCARY!!! My daughter has big beautiful blue eyes and those eyes just about popped out of her head in sheer terror. Man did that wake me up!!!

Then a bird decided to fly into my windshield. That bird and I had complete eye contact until it’s end.

Windshield Stain.  Couldn't get it off!!!  :-(

Windshield Stain. Couldn’t get it off!!! :-

I felt so bad for the bird. I got tears. My daughter had her head down so she did not see the calamity. She only heard me scream and get the tears. She could see the windshield remains. Terrible terrible sight it was.  For real too….  This is the truth. My daughter was laughing so hard because I got the tears. I just felt bad because of our eye contact. We stopped at a gas station in the middle of no where and I told the clerk I needed to clean my windshield because of what had happened. She said I was LUCKY. She said if it had been a buzzard it would have broken the windshield and landed in the car with us. She also said that BUZZARDS SMELL worse than a skunk. I was gratefully counting my blessings.

When We got back on the highway, I started getting movie of the mind. I was seeing movies of Buzzard hell and it took real discipline to make my mind STOP. It was just so scary.  I-10 west is definitely a mind game. Thankfully day two practice was the affirmation “I choose to see things differently” so that helped turn the scary movie off!!!


White Sands

We finally made it to El Paso when a state trooper pulled up next to me. He then drifted back, then zoomed up again and just stared at us. The next thing I know his siren goes off and he points to us to pull over. He walked up to the car and I said “Sir, what have we done?”  He said your passenger doesn’t have her seat belt on properly.  He made Isabella get out of the car.  He started asking her all these questions, separated us, asked me questions. The Alanis Morrisette song “Ironic” started playing in my head. I hoped we didn’t drive all day to miss the sunset because of this smokey. He finally let us go and we did not get a ticket for the crooked seat belt. I was thrilled she had her first experience of being pulled over with me. Every mom and daughter should experience that together. Not sure why I feel this, but it was truly a bonding experience!!!  Two hours later we arrived in Alamogordo NM to see the most spectacular sun set in my life. If you get a chance to drive to White Sands Monument park, I would highly suggest the visit. Tomorrow is Santa Fe. Isabella and I have some spectacular images to paint and this is only the beginning.  So excited!!!


White Sands


White Sands


White Sands


White Sands