Month: October 2013

Dave Grohl And The Mystery

Front row at Hang Out Music Fest.

Front row at Hang Out Music Fest.

Have you ever watched Dave Grohl live or on a video?  He is like a Gazelle.  I’ll never forget when I saw him perform at the HangOut Music Festival several years ago.  He moves in a way that seems as if the earth was made to turn for him in perfect time.  It’s a beautiful site to see.  Ultimate Guitar rates him the 5th best drummer of all times.  Tuesday, I understood a mystery that I believe this man knows!!!

I have always been one of those people that tries to figure things out……  I think A lot.  As a song writer, every second of my life, every

This is a painting that goes with my song i wrote called, "The Voice Within"

This is an oil painting I did that goes with my song i wrote called, “The Voice Within”

thought  I have,  is a potential song.  As an oil painter, everything I see in the physical world, or in my head, is something to be put on a canvass……….and for me the two are intertwined as a message I am called to reveal……  at times  it can be overwhelming because I have trouble identifying the rhythm to transport all these ideas together, so that they will be delivered in a way that will communicate all that is intertwined.

I’ve taken dance lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons, done meditations…….you name it, I did it……… all in search of finding my inner rhythm,  so I could strum that guitar or play the piano flawlessly and deliver the creations……Sometimes I rush the beat, and it drives me crazy………And yes…….  every time I get ready to perform,  I think about it, and try to figure out how to make sure I don’t do it.  One thing I had never done though, was take a drum lesson.

Recently I re-connected with this amazing drummer in Atlanta. His name is Kent Aberle.  Last time I talked to him he was leaving to tour Asia.  He co-owns Atlanta Drum Collective and teaches out of an adorable store close to Piedmont Park in Atlanta.   When I arrived he was watching the Dali Lama on-line speaking at Emory. After greeting me, we went to the back room.  He made me a cup of tea…. Then he started teaching me about the history of drumming and how it has been a sacred form of communication as far back as we know…….and for a moment I forgot to think.  SOON the physical lesson started.   He showed me how to bang my hands on my thighs (I got a bruises to prove it), and stomp my foot while singing beats.  He was connecting my voice…… to my body….and to the Universal Rhythm that turns the earth.

The exercises that we did connected every part of my being into one energy that was PULSATING.  I honestly can not explain it to you precisely, but after we did the exercises, he placed me in front of the drum kit and said go……..  after a few seconds, I got the hang of it……..and for about 5 seconds I was in perfect time, sticks in hand, foot stomping the kick drum………and my heart and soul were TRULY TRULY whole.  I mean this in the most profound of ways!!!

In everything I do, I can wonder if I could have done it better, if I should have done that differently…….and I don’t ever get a precise answer from all that questioning………….  But when you are playing the drums you are either in perfect time or you are not.  There are no questions…..  Just perfection at that moment.  Unfortunately it only lasted about 5 seconds, but it was the best five seconds I have EVER experienced musically in this life.  I can’t even imagine what it will be like when I can last 3.5 minutes.   I wish every human being could experience this!!! ………… The funny thing about rhythm is it affects everything……Every one of us has the opportunity to become our own rhythm, rather than search for it……… To do, instead of talk about it………. To connect rather than disconnect………….To quit figuring, and start discovering……… YOU HAVE GOT TO TAKE DRUM LESSONS………  You will be thanking me, and I promise you, you will never ever regret banging on that drum and discovering that MYSTERY of becoming one with the Universal Rhythm of this world!!!  I understand now why Dave Grohl looks like a Gazelle…..  and I understand now why it seems as if the earth is made to turn for him in perfect time………  because it IS made for him and everyone single one of us on this earth to turn in perfect time.  I just can’t get over how much fun playing those drums are.  It’s like you are getting your aggressions out, but as you drum you have no aggressions……… because it  is transformed  into some kind of Zen energy.  I am so excited to see what I learn next week.

If you live in Atlanta, Kent’s website is……. The Atlanta Drum Collective can be found on Facebook at 

Best Drumming Lessons Ever

Best Drumming Lessons Ever

If you do not live here, find someone in your town or get Kent’s DVD’s.  Kent, If your reading this, I hope your cool with me writing this!!!  I’m just really grateful for the tea and all your teaching me!!!   Someday we are going to drum together in Africa!!!  I just know it!!!

Thanks for visiting and I hope to sing or share another painting with you soon!!!