Month: May 2012

Honoring The Mother Of………

Been a while since I’ve written.………but it’s Mothers Day, so today I was inspired. Many of you know I spent my whole life trying to learn how to play musical instruments. I write on my guitar, piano, and mandolin.….. but playing the whole song by myself with out messing up was a whole nother story.

For me music has been ECSTASY and TORCHER. Torcher because I heard these incredible sounds in my head but had know way to share them.  It was like being a chef, creating all these incredible dishes but not being able to eat it, or feed it to anyone else. I could go on and on but I won’t because I finally CAN DO IT. I can walk on a stage and play my guitar with out messing up. It took 41 years to happen but I myself have witnessed this miracle and I am so humbled, overjoyed, and beside myself.

Last Friday night I sang at this benefit called 500 Songs For Kids. The organization is just a real gift to this world and I wish I could generate Millions Of Dollars to help them do what they do through out the world. The benefit I sang at works like this…. Over ten nights 500 songs are sang. Each artist is given one song to learn a few months before benefit. Then on your night, you go up and sing it and play it however you want. Lots of people have a giant band, and the music is just usually mind blowing fun. Every year that I have participated I have had an accompanist……… but this year I decided to do it alone. I was given the song Close To You by the Carpenters and it is full of bar chords. I called up my friend who teaches me, and he came over and he helped me with the bar chords. I practiced so many times that one day I got a blister. About the week before the event, I started freaking and started to think I should have someone else play for me, BUT then I listened to this other voice that has a different pitch and tone than doubt……. It was a voice that’s vibration was so strong that it knocked me out. The voice said you can and will do this Lex, go fly girl.…… Soooooooooo I walked up on stage and sat down and started to play and finger pick the whole song……….. and do you know doubt and fear had the audacity to come on stage with me. They actually tried to talk to me while I was singing and playing, but this new voice told um to shut there big mouths….. at one point I played this really hard bar chord, and the voice said said way to go lex, your gonna get the next ones too……. And before I knew it, I finished and it was better than I ever had played it before. It was important to me to do this alone because for me it was a miracle I once only dreamed of……. And what songs for kids does is a miracle for children, and I just want to spend my life being around people creating miracles and helping others………. I just want to give the best of myself that I can. You see I used to hear doubt whisper in my ear all the time……you can’t do this and that,  and about a million other crazy rude things……. But now I interrupt fear and doubt with a giggle because now I know the TRUTH. Now I know they are just plainly full of MALARKEY!!!

I wrote this blog on Mothers day for a reason…… I am reading a book called the Music Lesson by Victor Wooten. In his book he sais “Mu is an ancient word for Mother, and Sic is just an abbreviation for science.  So put together,  music means the Mother Of All Sciences” .  I want to tell her thank you so much for blessing me with her presents in this life…….. and thank you for blessing my family!!!  Because of Music I have learned so many incredible lessons through this journey called life about who I am, who I want to grow to be, and what I and everyone of YOU are capable of!!! Today I just want to say thank you to MUSIC!!!  I just want to wish Music the greatest Mother’s day ever…… and I really hope she, Mother Nature, Mother Earth and my BIRTH mom have the best Mothers day in the world!!! I also have attached a Mothers day song I wrote for my mom several years ago!!! Feel free to copy the link and sent to the mothers you love!!!