Month: January 2012

2012 And The Light

Being the beginning of the New Year, I thought I would write a blog.  A few nights before Christmas, I came across an old letter that I had written a business contact.  It was such an exciting time.  My husband was attending Emory earning his MBA, and threw him, I met a man that was an adjunct professor, and computer technology genius, and involved in the entertainment business.  He genuinely seemed interested in helping me, and we had several meetings that were very insightful.  This man asked me to send him my vision, goals, affirmations, etc…..  So on January 24, 2008, I sent him a letter filled with the details of my vision.  When you are working on a GIANT dream, it can often feel as if you are running in place.  You make strides but they seem to take you no-where.  I feel so blessed to have found this letter.  You see, in the process of working hard, I had forgotten to visit my written goals I had sent him, and that is why I have felt like I was running in place.  I actually had accomplished much over these past four years.  I still have so much to accomplish, but feel like I am that much closer, because……… of being reminded of all that I have accomplished with out realizing it.  I have stayed true to my calling.  I believe in dreaming, I believe in dreams coming true, I believe in working hard, I believe in Goodness, and I believe in the power of the Universe……  Of GOD!!!  I feel so lucky to know that in my darkest hours there is always light embracing me, if I let it.  I’m not sure what 2012 will bring, but I am ready for it, and am embracing every ounce of the light we are all offered.  Wishing for you, that you write your life’s goals and find accomplishments in them, while also being embraced by the light.  Happy 2012………. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly looking forward to sharing more songs with you this year!!!  Thanks so much for visiting.  I am grateful!!!