Month: September 2011

REALLY Feelin Some Tenderness

Life is such a trip how sometimes the Universe guides you, and you don’t even know it. You think your lost, and then years later you find out that all these strange turning points end up being connected like a perfect constellation in the beautiful night sky.

I had received an email this summer from a friend telling me about a contest in Macon GA. The contest was created by the Gateway  Macon Initiative. You were to submit 3 songs, with one being about Macon, GA and it’s musical heritage, to be utilized to educate and attract visitors to Macon as a music destination. I got a little twinge when I read it, and thought, “I can’t do that, it would be so from my head”…. but while in Chicago performing, I woke up one morning, and the song just fell through me, like mist from the sky!!! So with a little time and few tweaks…… through my heart I submitted a song called “Sweet As A Peach”.

Since I moved to GA, I’ve been trying to learn everything I could about music from this region, and how it transformed music in general. In Feb, 2010 I went to an Otis Redding Tribute at UGA, and actually wrote a blog about the magical event. Click here if you want to read.  Over the past few years I’ve visited Macon several times specifically to learn about all of the heritage that exists there.

So I found out on Wednesday evening that I made it as one of the five finalists for this contest…… and one of the coolest things is that they are announcing the winner at Otis Reddings 70th birthday celebration. To me, that is just the icing on this incredible cake. If I win, it would be unimaginable because I would get to have the 3 songs produced by a super  two time grammy nominated producer named Steve Moretti, and mastered into a three-song EP (extended play mini album), an electronic press kit (EPK), and a professional music video of one of the three songs all worth 25,000. But most of all it would happen in this beautiful small town that has taught me so much about music.

Regardless how the competition finishes…… I am just real thankful to be recognized, through this leap of faith journey through the world of rock and roll!!! Being an artist is hard work, but these types of things remind you that the Universe has reasons for each of the dot’s that it reveals.

If you are on facebook and get a chance, go to their page and like them They are continually adding really innovative contests that are truly rewarding creative endeavors!!!

On a last note…… I just booked a show in Chapel Hill North Carolina. I will be singing on the patio from 6:30-8:30pm October 22 at a restaurant called Tarantini’s ….. with a merchandise show there on Sunday the 23rd. Also I am starting to book house concerts, so if interested please contact me. I have one out of town September 16th….. Finally I am hitting the road….. and I love every second of it!!! HAPPY September!!!