Month: June 2011

Catching Up With The Speed Of Light

Speed-Of-LightIt has been along time since I wrote a blog, because my life has seemed to be traveling faster than the speed of light, and I’ve been trying my darndest to catch up with it.  In less than a year, I’ve launched a merchandise line….. have written a bunch more songs….. performed some of them :0)……  Performed with people I didn’t know(Who I now adore)……Been on a TV Show (Vampire Diaries)……, Been in a movie (The Change Up)….. which led to some acting classes……. sold Pizza (At an awesome restaurant called Hearth), cleaned out 20 years of “Stuff” and put our house on the market, spent endless hours trying to get good at playing that darned guitar,  Whiiiiiiiile trying to be a good mom and wife.  (For my daughter, We actually started taking dance “funk” lessons……  Let’s just say that she laughs enough by my disastrous attempts to funk boogie, that I think it keeps a smile on her face for the whole week, so it’s worth every second of it.  Second best thing about it is this dancing is helping me with playing rhythm guitar.  :0)

I am really excited because I have always wanted to sing in my home town, and the Midwest in general.  I grew up in Indianapolis and think I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have grown up in such a wonderful town.  I was fortunate enough to ride my bike in corn fields…. And stand on Charles Chip cans, and sing songs as LOUD as I could.

When I was little, my very best friend in the world was a boy named Tommy.  We went to preschool together, and his mom became a second mother to me!!!   Tommy and I would take all the pillows off their couch, and stack them one at a time,  to see who could jump the highest before they all fell down……or one of us broke something :0)    We would sit on the floor of the play room and eat split pea soup…….. Bang on their piano…….  And if we were lucky enough, we would sneak outside and watch the neighbors taking off in their hot air balloon.   I’m not kidding either….  The neighbors really had a hot air balloon,  but they never took me up!!!  :0(

At the end of first grade I got kicked out of the church school for the following year, because I couldn’t read ,  and those surrounding believed it would be impossible to teach me….  So off to my neighborhood school I went.  I never had so much fun in my life.  As we got older and into high school, the boys from my grade school created a band…..  and they were good….  Actually better than good.  They were INCREDIBLE!!!  The lead singer was a boy named Thomas Chang.  Thomas Chang could sing U2 almost as well as Bono….  And I just had so much admiration for all of them.  Their band was called “The Chosen Few”.  Secretly I wrote songs, and would always think it would be so cool to sing with them……  but was way to shy about it,  to even approach them.

Well on July 9th, I am singing in Indianapolis…..  and Thomas Chang, and Matt Maher of the “Chosen Few” will be accompanying me,  and one of my dearest and oldest friends in the world “Tommy Glasel” will be playing on the same bill with me on a stage, rather than a potato chip can, with his band “19clark25”.  I was hoping I would return home as an opener for Tom Petty and he would teach me how to fly, But unfortunately that did not happen soooo…..  I decided to spread my wings ALONE, and am praying for a perfect landing, surrounded by faces I haven’t seen in over 20 years :0)……  The saying God doesn’t always give you what you want, but he does always give you what you need,  rings so true with this occasion….  Actually I never knew I needed this much……. To share my music for the FIRST time with friends who have known me my whole life, while being accompanied by 2 musicians I have admired as much as any rockstars in that era of teenage angst….  And then to have my second mother in the audience to HONOR, and to have my friend “Tommy”on the same bill, is just a gift I would have never imagined I’d receive.  I am just so very thankful.   And to top it all off… my OLDdest OLDEST friend (mom’s were dear friends and pregnant with us, same general due date, accept for I busted out 6 weeks early :0)) is having a merchandise show for me 2 nights before I sing.

Just so excited, and THANKS so much for dropping by….  And can’t wait to write about the evening!!!  This musical journey is a lot like a giant cake…..  I keep adding layers, and I’m just hoping that when it comes time for icing….  Their will be enough to cover it all…..  I certainly enjoy sharing the recipe of each layer ,with each and every one of you!!! :0D