Month: September 2010

Eye Opener For Life!!!

Several weeks ago, I went out of town.  While driving to the destination, lightning was striking so close to the car, that I could smell the electricity burning.  I was really scared……….We finally made it to our hotel to check in, but could not get out of the car, because of the line of automobiles ahead of us.  As we were waiting, we noticed a tour bus beside us.  All of the sudden, it’s doors opened, and OVER 30 blind people started walking out.  They all had a stick, and started whacking my automobile…  One by one, they just kept coming, and coming, and hitting my car.  Just when I thought they had all passed …..  three more people slowly came out.  None of them hit my car, but one turned around…… centered in front of my hood, raised her stick in the air above her head… and then, right before hitting the car , in mid air, she just turned around and walked away.  Since she was not wearing glasses,  her eyes were giant and glowing this color of blue…..  like nothing I had ever seen before.  Since this occurred, I have just had so many flashbacks of her image. Over the next two days we continued to have UNBELIEVABLE encounters with this group.

I am a big believer that the Universe sends messages, if you pay attention…..  so this one really got my mind going.  After pondering the situation, I came to believe it was a sign that I needed to quit seeing with my eyes, and start using my other senses to guide me through situations…………while remembering that to truly see the truth, you have to take your desires out of the equation…  The desires are what muddy everything up, and get you into the real trouble.

I wondered what the Universe wanted me to see, that I was so blind too, that it felt the need to send over 30 people whacking my car…  and leaving me with an image stuck in my head, that made me feel as if my life were a Harry Potter movie.   Then……….. BIG things started happening.  All of the sudden I started to see EVERYTHING, without the rose colored glasses, in a GIANT way.  My vision became more intense than it has ever been!!!  I started seeing sides to others that I never even imagined possible…….  People whom I had had great respect for……..  Turned out to be people I would be happy if I’de never known….  I had been so focused on what I was trying to accomplish, that I became completely blind to listening to what the Universe(God) had to offer in  guiding me to the placement of my goals!!!  I spent the summer working harder than I ever worked before…..  getting about 4-5 hours of sleep a night…..  only to end up running on empty, and losing my ability to see with things other than my eyes!!!

Life is such a trippy place.  At the snap of a finger everything can change……  You can see something or someone in a completely different light, when you change your VISION.  I have so much respect for blind people, and the struggles they must work through everyday of their life.  The fact that I can see……  and still at times can be so blind to something obvious,  really makes me just in aww of what REAL vision is all about!!!   The world is so full of deception, and it takes great skill to SEE IT, UNDERSTAND it, without BECOMING it…… while PROTECTING yourself from it,  and maintaining the ability to live life with an open heart!!!

I am humbled to know that the Universe sends us all messages everyday, such as this…..  We just have to listen, and see with more than our eyes.

Thanks for reading my blog……  I wish for you, and also will wish for me,  that we  learn how to see with more than our eyes……. Taking the desires out of the equation, so the water is beautiful, clear, and pure……  without anything to muddy it up!!!

Peace To You,


Attached is a link to an organization that helps physically blind people see…….  Check it out…..  It’s a super organization!!! An Eye Opener In India – Unite For Sight