The Black Crow

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Black Crow

The Black Crow that died on my trellis

On My Trellis
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Several nights this week, I walked under the light of the full moon, listening to the sounds of all the creatures. There is something so incredible about walking in the moonlight. I imagine that when there was no electricity, how excited people must have been to get the giant flashlight turned on every month.

Crazy things have been happening to me. In my last blog, I wrote about a Bear siting. I’ve had lots of other animal sightings. Fortunatly, I’ve had several witness’ with many of the visits. Thank goodness, because if not, I would have thought I had gone CooCoo for CoCo Puffs. In the spring, I kept having this one particular wild winged beast perched in different places in my yard watching me. One time I opened my bedroom blinds, and there it was, GIANT eyed……looking right at me through the window……and it flew up to the next branch and continued staring. I googled the superstition of this animal giving me a stair-down, and the Native Americans had the best explanation. Then my friend told me about a book called Animal Speaks. The Book has been very insightful. It says that if you continually see a certain animal in your life, the Universe is trying to tell you something. Another kind of spotlight, like the moon, shining down from the heavens to lead the way.

Two weeks ago I had the most unbelievable siting of all. It involved a Black Crow. The Natives said this was wonderful luck. With this particular siting, I was a little freaked as the black crow had gone to the other side, but left himself hanging in a position I could not miss, on a road in my yard to a special place I write songs. I ended up asking one of my spiritual gurus in Atlanta for her take on this crows misfortune. She said that the crow was INDEED good luck, and it was sent to remind me to focus on my spirit, not on my physical body, and that my life was about to give birth to something great.

I do sense the guru is right! At my last show on August 29th, I lost my stage fright going into the second verse of the first song, I actually played along with my guitarist on a fast song, and it sounded terrific. Then on Friday I met with a new guitarist I am going to be working with. I felt something amazing in the room, that was just indescribable. Then yesterday, I wrote another blues song, and the guitar sounded incredible, with an awesome rhythm beating away behind those strings. It has felt like I’ve entered into a new dimension musically.

With all these realizations, information, illuminations, and transformations….. I just can’t wait to see what kind of new music I give birth too. I’ve decided to tell that body of mine to chill out, and go with the flow…. Ya Know! I am just so thankful for the light of the moon, reminding me to pay attention to all the spotlights that lead the way in this life. Until we meet again, I hope your spirit SOARS. Thank You so much for stopping by. If you get a chance……. go listen to my song “Singing To The Moon”, in my music player. I wrote that song 18 years ago, when my music was a big secret. Funny how now it’s one of the major spotlight’s of my life.

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PS: One more thing….. my daughter thinks I should go on tour with the Black Crows to have this all make sense. If you know them….. please tell them I would love to open for them, and settle my babies confusion!