Month: September 2009

Bears, Honey, and The Blues

Early yesterday morning, a giant black bear jogged across the road in front of my car… I have never seen a wild one in my life…. and there it was…. right before my eyes!!!!!! I’m real into Native American symbolism. In the book Animal Speak, they say that if you see a bear, “you must go within to awaken the power, but only by bringing it out into the open, and applying it, will the honey of life be tasted.”

I thought summer was going to be a bummer, because my dream of going on tour did not happen……but after a month of quiet meditation, and observing lots of artist performances, I am real excited about what my future holds!!! After returning home from a 20 hour 2 day road trip….. I decided to upload several songs from my live performances.

Mathew Smith is the incredible guitarist backing me, on “I Need Water” and “Gone, Gone, Gone”, both with hands and voice. At the beginning of the year, my goal was to work with lots of musicians, but after working with him, I actually forgot about the goal I had set. I was just blown away by his skill, professionalism, and dedication to music. He has encouraged me to play my guitar publicly, given me confidence when it lacked, and helped me to achieve things I never imagined I could… You can check out his music at . I hope we continue to work together in different capacities for many many years to come…..

To me there is nothing better than singing live….. The energy I feel from the people that come to listen, just overwhelms me…. I am usually sick to my stomach before a show…. and then during the show, this thing happens where part of the time I am singing, and thinking about it, and then all the sudden I am detached watching myself and will think things like “how in the world did I just hit that note”, and “I wonder how long it will be held”….. and I have this little conversation with myself and then I plop back into thinking about the song again…. It is strange, but when it is over, I just feel this peace I can’t explain!!!!!!!!!

There are several things I would like to do this fall. I would like to get back in the studio to record my new songs. One of my new favorites is called “Tribute To The Blues”. I can’t wait to share that song with you. It was inspired by a spectacular blues guitarist in Atlanta, who introduced me to the most beautiful chords my fingers have ever played!!!! Also, I would love to be hired to help stumped musicians. Sometimes artist get stuck in this dry spell, and I have this ability to put others thoughts into words, and help them get unstuck…… and it is sooooooooo much fun to write with someone else!!!!!!!!! Please contact me if you are interested in helping me accomplish either of these goals!!!!!!

Lastly, I am getting ready to fulfill the goal set at the beginning of the year. I have a performance on August 29th at 10:00pm @ Smith’s in the Atlanta room. Mathew was already booked, so I had to set out on the journey to find new people to work with. This is very exciting for me, but I am scared to death!!!!! All is cool though, because the things that scare me the most with this music, usually bring me the greatest reward!!!!!!!!

I hope you love the new Live songs…… and I hope that you and I can both taste and enjoy that sweet honey of life………