Month: May 2008

The Rocket “Let It Go”

The Rocket “Let It Go” has now stopped temporarily for reprovisioning in Atlanta. GA. Since the Rocket Ship “Let It Go’, took off on April 13th, some very exciting things have transpired. You will learn more about this in the coming months……… This is the second reprovisioning for “Let It Go’……. The first occurred in China and Japan several weeks ago.

One interesting thing that Alexis learned while landed in China was that there is no such thing as Beef and Broccoli, or Egg Rolls!!!!!!!!! But plenty beer, chicken feet and hamster……………. Alexis will be sharing many songs written from her stop at this interesting destination very soon! She promises this to be very enlightening.

While in Atlanta…… Alexis is charting out journey plans for the coming year. One of Alexis’ dreams is to open for one of her favorite bands or Artists such as The Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow, John Mellencanp, Tom Petty, Shawn Mullins just to name a few………….at any of their destinations. If you would like to help make her dreams come true, or if you would like her to stop in your town and visit, please contact her!

Please continue to show Alexis support by sending out emails encouraging everyone you know to listen and buy her music. She loves having lots of members in her shooting star dream team! She can only make it into the stratosphere of the intergalactic realm of all that is known and unknown, with the help of all of you!